Resolutions for the New Year

As a social media nut, I felt blogging was the next step in sharing almost all of my business to people. But hey, I am an open person so why not share!

Starting a new year means making resolutions, but I am not a believer in making promises I can’t keep. Why not continue doing something you’re proud of? If you already eat healthy, keep it up! If you exercise daily, continue to do so! If you set aside “you” time, you deserve it! If you spend time with your family and friends as much as you can, you’re doing a great thing!

Those are just a few important things to consider adding into your routine; however if you already do so come up with a realistic resolution. Sometimes resolutions are completely irrelevant and unrealistic that they aren’t even worth trying to keep, that is why I prefer to stick with something I do occassionally, but should do all the time and make it happen.

Remaining practical is key!


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