It’s Cookie Time

Whether you’re a young child or a grown adult, at one point in your life you have been excited to hear that it’s girl scout cookie time! As a former “brownie”, I was extremely excited to sell my own batch of cookies and deliver them to family and friends. Who wouldn’t be excited to see the happiness on someone’s face when they receive a few boxes of cookies?

I decided to blog about something a little different today because the meaning behind being a girl scout  is more than just selling the infamous cookies. Take a look at their website and learn about the mission of a girl scout: Leadership is something that is very important to me and it is one of the most prevalent characteristics of being a girl scout. There are tasks to be completed by girls of all ages in order to move up to different levels and troops. In order to complete the expectations, girls have to be fully committed and ready to lead their troop at all times!

The only negative thing about these delicious cookies is probably a fact everyone is aware of, they are unhealthy! Now of course I love girl scout cookies and I always will, but my gosh they are not good for you. What cookie do you think has the most calories? .. I will give you a hint (three of them are tied at 150 calories in 2 cookies)!

Tell us which girl scout cookie is your favorite?


For my gluten-free peeople — STAY AWAY


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