Start your morning out right

I’ve never been a morning person, therefore working out before heading to the office doesn’t seem like an option. Well, we all need to make some sacrifices once in awhile, right?

In the fall I started running a couple mornings a week. As it became colder and the frost was forming on the cars, I fell into the after-work routine of heading to the gym. No matter what time I’m working out, at least I’m sticking to it! I like to mix up my workouts and try new things which is not always the case for some, but it is one of the better ways to keep your body from getting bored. I’ve mentioned changing workouts up in a previous post and it is an important factor to consider.

With warmer weather coming our way, running is on my mind. I really don’t like running on a treadmill, but if I have to I don’t go over 6 miles. Now I know you may be thinking 6 miles is far, but when you’re training for a long race it is just another day.

Running can help to speed up your metabolism, maintain a healthy diet, prevent heart disease and other conditions.

Most races in the Massachusetts area start early spring and end late in the fall. Right now I am extremely busy with work, coaching and taking an online graduate course that I haven’t signed up for too many races. A great way to plan ahead for the race is to map out a weekly training routine. I would have my long runs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, then my shorter runs were Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays.

If only it were 60 degrees outside right now!


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