Fight for Air Climb

It is nothing like starting your Saturday out on the right foot! For some of us it is easier to achieve goals we may have when we have friends to encourage us or motivate us to overcome a challenge. I feel as though it is better to have a group of friends overcome a difficult task together, especially if it is for a great cause.

Today was one of those mornings. I had mentioned to some friends a few months ago that we should try a “climb” in Boston. Now when they first heard the idea it seemed great, but as we became closer to the date they were dreading it. I get excited for events like this, but I do get very anxious right before. Well, we were all expressing mixed emotions with each other and becoming more and more pumped for the stair climb up to the top of One Boston Place this morning. We climbed 41 floors, 82 flights, 789 stairs to the top of this building for the American Lung Association. Our team raised over 750 dollars.


One of the most motivational parts of the climb is when you are 8 flights in and you are struggling to breathe, but you know that this is a fight people struggle with every day and you can overcome it. The adrenaline rush and inner strength pushed me to the top, to finish strong.

I am so proud of my friends for all pushing through and supporting each other. Fight for the Air Climb is a great event that was extremely well organized with many volunteers to support us along the way! I love participating in races/events that go towards research or a foundation raising money for something that is not always recognized and is close to my heart.


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