Drop a Beat

Music has always made a difference for my workouts, but is it mental? I would say that if your an athlete music shouldn’t matter, it’s mental toughness that counts! Every tryout, race or practice where you couldn’t have headphones jamming out to your latest playlist made you stronger.

When you are on a long run or powering away on the bike, music can make a difference.

Why? Is it the beat that keeps you going or the fact that you have a great line-up to keep you going?

I have titled playlists for certain workouts and I’ve tried pandora on random selection. If I’m in the mood to workout I will get it done regardless of the music I’m listening to, but it can be miserable.

Why do you think fast paced cardio classes at the gym are with music, but personal training isn’t? First thing is first, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the road ahead when you’re training and in classes it is a one hour session. Classes aren’t directly changing each individual in the room, it’s about the effort you put in and up to you to see results. If you’re training, the trainer will implement strategies and target areas to work on. Music adds a more lackadaisical appearance to the workout.

Now don’t get me wrong the remix you may have heard on the dance floor last weekend could help you sprint the last mile of your 10k, but if you have trained and are prepared to finish strong it’s all mental.

Tell me what you’re listening to and I will share some of mine!



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