St. Patty’s 10K


It has been too long since I’ve posted  and I am ready to get back into the swing of things. Last weekend I ran my second 10K race in Salisbury, MA. For the first time I ran with two of my friends and it made a big difference! People have said to me before, “why don’t you run with a friend?” It isn’t that I don’t enjoy running with friends, but it is difficult to find a time that works for both people and some friends don’t enjoy running long distances.

A few months ago when I came across this 10k I immediately thought it would be a great race to do with friends because it would be getting warmer out and there was a post race pub crawl! A great incentive for people who love beer is to find the races sponsored by beer companies, and luckily this race was one of them.

I did not train very much for the St. Patty’s race, however I ran two to three days a week for the two weeks prior to race day. It was a good thing the weather was brisk and windy leading up to the race because I was fully prepared to run in those conditions. My training beforehand was not the best timing and I was averaging about a 9 min mile. My thoughts going into the race were that I would do my best and maintain a good pace throughout the entire 6.2 miles.

As we approached the start line, I began thinking that all I wanted was to beat my previous 10k time of 51:42 and I did with a finish of 51:16, averaging an 8:16 min mile. I was very happy with the race and I felt great after!

Developing ways to stay at a great pace is something that has taken me a few months to do and I am still working to increase my speed. The endurance piece of running I believe takes time to master and considering I have been running for less than a year I think there is time to improve all of my running tactics! For those of you that do not think you can run — change your mind-set and get out there. Anyone can run, but you have to believe it to achieve it!

I am searching for a few more races in the upcoming months…


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