A “Good Belly” Probiotic Drink

For all of my experimental friends out there who may have stomach issues/digestive complications, have you every heard of this juice called “Good Belly”? I was shopping around Whole Foods as I normally do when I came across this juice that had the words “good, belly, probiotic, dairy-free, soy free and healthy”. My immediate reaction was that I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds amazing! Now I am usually one to see strong labels and begin to ask myself if this is something I might need or not, and in this case I felt I did.

For anyone unaware of probiotic, they aid to the digestive tract which makes up almost 70% of your body. I tried a probiotic before and I was unsuccessful with them. I understand the dosage on the probiotic I used may not have been the best or the kind may not be as successful, but one of the GI doctors I first saw had suggested them.

The “Good Belly” drink seemed the perfect combination of a healthy balance. After buying Good Belly and loving it I am still not totally sure it is right for me, but I think I will give it another try! You can never take in TOO many probiotics or TOO many healthy things to build your body and immune system.



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