Run to Home Base

For as long as I can remember the Boston Red Sox have been “our team” and Fenway Park has been “our ball park”. My grandmother watches every single Red Sox game from spring training through the regular season and my uncle works at Fenway Park. The Boston Red Sox are a team my family has supported forever.


My uncle notified me that there is a race that begins at Fenway every year and the proceeds go to wounded veterans. He had explained to me that the run ends inside Fenway and I would be able to cross home plate. Well, I signed up as soon as I researched the run a little bit more and found out that it was a 9K (which is 5.5 miles).

A few months went by and a whole lot of fundraising took place. Each runner had to raise a minimum of $750.00, which at the time seemed extremely difficult, but I had the support of so many friends to help me reach my goal.

Race day was this past Saturday and it was the first race in Boston since the Marathon bombings. The Red Sox Foundation had an extremely moving opening ceremony with motivational speakers and an amazing tribute to the veterans that work so hard every day to fight for us.

The race began at approximately 8AM and we started out to Yawkey Way where we started off our 5.5 miles. It was a gorgeous day in Boston and the crowd was enthusiastic! I felt great the entire way, especially as I began to circle back near the finish. I ran into the park with 2 people in front of me and my finish was 46:20, averaging a 8:18 minute mile. There were over 1600 runners on Saturday and I finished 365 out of 1646.

The race was an awesome tribute to the veterans who serve this country and I was proud to run through the streets of Boston after the tragic events that occurred on April 15th. We will all remain Boston Strong!


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