third thirteen point one mile race

Last Sunday marked my third half marathon, but this time I ran with a friend. Some may say, “Oh that sounds horrible”, while others congratulated me in the accomplishment. Running isn’t for everyone and for those of you who haven’t given it a chance, you may be missing out!

I began running when I started experiencing many gastrointestinal issues because it allowed me to “feel better” for the time being. Of course like anything once your body becomes used to the way you feel while running or after a run, it may go right back to the way you felt before. It isn’t as though I love the thought of going for a long run, never mind 13.1 miles, but it is the sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line that is unlike any other feeling.

This was my first long race with a friend and it made quite a difference for the first 7 miles that we ran together. Regardless of the fact that we weren’t talking to one another, you could feel the energy and determination from one another to finish strong.


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