Call us crazy, but we run for those who cannot

Dear Laura Leigh Lund,. this is UNREAL


Are you on a budget?

Most of us are constantly complaining about spending countless amounts of money at grocery stores or local markets, but that is what we have to do to eat healthy, right? NO! According to Food Babe – we can still eat healthy on a budget. Check out her post and let me know what you think!

Check it out!

Food Babe shares some great posts that we can all learn from.

Be Positive

I’ve always been taught to remain optimistic and do my best to bring a positive vibe to situations. It is important to surround yourself with positive people, high energy and those who instill confidence in you.

Individuals who spend their time complaining about things that may be bothersome, but don’t necessarily have a way to change it should complain a little less. I understand complaints are critical occasionally; however there is someone out there in a MUCH worse situation that deserves to complain, so think about it next time you whine over the small things.

Listening to negative comments or people that do not make you feel capable of doing anything you set your mind to are not worth surrounding yourself with.┬áNow I know we are all entitled to a bad day or to hearing friends vent, but it is when you find yourself constantly interacting with someone that just can’t stop — tell yourself enough is enough!

Positive vibes will bring you great confidence and many more great opportunities. Believe in yourself and give someone else a bit of positive energy today!

third thirteen point one mile race

Last Sunday marked my third half marathon, but this time I ran with a friend. Some may say, “Oh that sounds horrible”, while others congratulated me in the accomplishment. Running isn’t for everyone and for those of you who haven’t given it a chance, you may be missing out!

I began running when I started experiencing many gastrointestinal issues because it allowed me to “feel better” for the time being. Of course like anything once your body becomes used to the way you feel while running or after a run, it may go right back to the way you felt before. It isn’t as though I love the thought of going for a long run, never mind 13.1 miles, but it is the sense of accomplishment when crossing the finish line that is unlike any other feeling.

This was my first long race with a friend and it made quite a difference for the first 7 miles that we ran together. Regardless of the fact that we weren’t talking to one another, you could feel the energy and determination from one another to finish strong.

Let’s Conquer a Cure!

For all of my running followers, I will participate in a 7 mile race this Sunday throughout the beautiful town of Falmouth, MA.

I am running this course with the Dana Farber team. As many of you know with popular races it can be difficult to receive a number. I applied to run with Dana Farber for two reasons; the first is based on the fact that I have had several close family and friends touched by the team at Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund, secondly because I know the money will always go to a family who deserves the best care any one can provide for them!

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