Tips to Making Running Easier

1) Create an amazing playlist for your run, even if it isn’t too long
( you may find yourself running further if you enjoy the music )

2) Stay hydrated (ALWAYS) – this is a huge concept to pay attention to and always listen to your body

3) Wear the proper running shoes

4) Go at a good pace – don’t start out too fast because you may feel very tired half way through your run

5) Grab a friend – running with someone can be challenging and may add a little competitive edge to your run

6) Set a goal for yourself and it will make running more enjoyableHiker cheering


Be Positive

I’ve always been taught to remain optimistic and do my best to bring a positive vibe to situations. It is important to surround yourself with positive people, high energy and those who instill confidence in you.

Individuals who spend their time complaining about things that may be bothersome, but don’t necessarily have a way to change it should complain a little less. I understand complaints are critical occasionally; however there is someone out there in a MUCH worse situation that deserves to complain, so think about it next time you whine over the small things.

Listening to negative comments or people that do not make you feel capable of doing anything you set your mind to are not worth surrounding yourself with. Now I know we are all entitled to a bad day or to hearing friends vent, but it is when you find yourself constantly interacting with someone that just can’t stop — tell yourself enough is enough!

Positive vibes will bring you great confidence and many more great opportunities. Believe in yourself and give someone else a bit of positive energy today!

Let’s Conquer a Cure!

For all of my running followers, I will participate in a 7 mile race this Sunday throughout the beautiful town of Falmouth, MA.

I am running this course with the Dana Farber team. As many of you know with popular races it can be difficult to receive a number. I applied to run with Dana Farber for two reasons; the first is based on the fact that I have had several close family and friends touched by the team at Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund, secondly because I know the money will always go to a family who deserves the best care any one can provide for them!

Please take a moment and check out my site: CLICK HERE

Run with a Purpose

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. One of my life-long goals is to find a cure for this god awful disease and lower the risk which affects so many innocent people daily. I have lost many close friends and family members to cancer and I am more than ready to fight back!

This summer I will take on my next challenge and run with Dana Farber in the Falmouth Road Race. The Falmouth Road Race is a beautiful run in Falmouth, MA in which thousands of runners are fundraising for different non-profit organizations.

In order to reach my fundraising goal I want to spread the word about my fight against cancer. I won’t stop fighting for those who have lost their lives so innocently and deserve to live every day that we sometimes take for granted!

Thank you for your support!

Fight for Air Climb

It is nothing like starting your Saturday out on the right foot! For some of us it is easier to achieve goals we may have when we have friends to encourage us or motivate us to overcome a challenge. I feel as though it is better to have a group of friends overcome a difficult task together, especially if it is for a great cause.

Today was one of those mornings. I had mentioned to some friends a few months ago that we should try a “climb” in Boston. Now when they first heard the idea it seemed great, but as we became closer to the date they were dreading it. I get excited for events like this, but I do get very anxious right before. Well, we were all expressing mixed emotions with each other and becoming more and more pumped for the stair climb up to the top of One Boston Place this morning. We climbed 41 floors, 82 flights, 789 stairs to the top of this building for the American Lung Association. Our team raised over 750 dollars.


One of the most motivational parts of the climb is when you are 8 flights in and you are struggling to breathe, but you know that this is a fight people struggle with every day and you can overcome it. The adrenaline rush and inner strength pushed me to the top, to finish strong.

I am so proud of my friends for all pushing through and supporting each other. Fight for the Air Climb is a great event that was extremely well organized with many volunteers to support us along the way! I love participating in races/events that go towards research or a foundation raising money for something that is not always recognized and is close to my heart.

It’s Cookie Time

Whether you’re a young child or a grown adult, at one point in your life you have been excited to hear that it’s girl scout cookie time! As a former “brownie”, I was extremely excited to sell my own batch of cookies and deliver them to family and friends. Who wouldn’t be excited to see the happiness on someone’s face when they receive a few boxes of cookies?

I decided to blog about something a little different today because the meaning behind being a girl scout  is more than just selling the infamous cookies. Take a look at their website and learn about the mission of a girl scout: Leadership is something that is very important to me and it is one of the most prevalent characteristics of being a girl scout. There are tasks to be completed by girls of all ages in order to move up to different levels and troops. In order to complete the expectations, girls have to be fully committed and ready to lead their troop at all times!

The only negative thing about these delicious cookies is probably a fact everyone is aware of, they are unhealthy! Now of course I love girl scout cookies and I always will, but my gosh they are not good for you. What cookie do you think has the most calories? .. I will give you a hint (three of them are tied at 150 calories in 2 cookies)!

Tell us which girl scout cookie is your favorite?


For my gluten-free peeople — STAY AWAY