Take control

In today’s society, Americans have been taught that in order to complete a meal one must eat everything on your plate. NEWS FLASH – overeating stems from consuming larger portions than necessary, larger portions will lead to weight gain which can result in obesity. The overarching issue is that obesity and weight gain can be controlled, but it takes self-control.

How many people actually stop eating when they’re full? I am guilty in this category as well because I LOVE dessert and would prefer eating cake over a meal. The problem is that much of what we do when we eat is controlled by emotions and your surroundings. If you’ve had a bad day or heck a bad week, you’re more likely to go for that pizza on a Friday night as oppose to a salad. Those days that we crave chocolate, it has been said that dark chocolate is the way to go but again remember our portions.

Lastly, restaurants are another issue when it comes to measuring portions. When we order a piece of chicken it is usually double the size of a normal portion, plus the sides. Some may think ordering a salad is a smart option, try again. The added dressing, salt and god knows what else they put on your plate can occasionally add up to the amount of calories you should consume in a day.

Some may be thinking, well it’s a Friday and I have plans to eat out tonight. Don’t let me stop you! My only advice is to make smart decisions when you eat, go to restaurants that offer healthy options and lastly support local places rather than chains.